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Year 4



Autumn Term- 2021/22

Year 4's first Computing topic was called 'Multimedia Fact Files'. The class created research-based fact files linked to our Geography topic 'Countries of the World'. The children planned and created file pages that were hyperlinked to a home page and a contents page. The fact files included a variety of medias, including: videos, text, images, and sound clips.


Multimedia Fact File Examples - QR Links

Year 4 Computing Floor Book

A Multimedia Fact File Video Example

Still image for this video

Spring 2022

Year 4's next unit was called 'Creating and Interrogating Simple Databases'. The children were introduced to J2Data on BGFL, where they created a simple database and interrogated data using search functions. We discussed how data is used and why it needs to be collected and organised for different purposes and audiences. 

Skills that were taught and learnt:

  • Understanding the terms 'data' and 'information' when talking about paper databases and electronic databases
  • How to create an electronic database using field names
  • Search databases using simple search functions including 'and' / 'or' 
  • Filtering results according to data needed


Database Floorbook Examples