Hanbury's Farm School

Growing and Succeeding Together

Year 2


Welcome to Year 2 with Mrs Royce, Mrs Mauger and Mrs Smith!

Below you will find some useful information about Year 2. 


Classroom doors open at 8.40am

Your finish time is 3.15pm


Meet your teachers



                      Mrs Royce                               Mrs Mauger                       Mrs Smith


Subject Overviews 

Below is an overview of subjects and topics taught in Year 2.


Year 2 Yearly Overview

Your PE days are a Monday and a Thursday, please come to school in your kit.

Your kit should consist of a white tshirt (or your house colour), black shorts or joggers and pumps or trainers. You can also wear a black hoodie or sweater to keep you warm outdoors.



We are now doing The Daily Mile. The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our pupils... and staff! 





Reading books are sent home every Friday. Your child will bring home 2 reading books. The first is a book we have shared in class. Please allow your child to show you how well they can read this book independently. The second book will have some of the same characters or themes in but they will not have read this before. Your child will be able to use phonic strategies learnt in school to help them read this book. Please encourage children to reread these books. Our aim is for them to develop fluency and accuracy each time they read. You could even practise using different voices for characters!


In with you reading book the children will have some key word bookmarks. These contain words the children will learn at this stage. The more they practise these the better.


Reading books should be available in school everyday and will be collected on Wednesdays to be changed.


Maths homework is also sent home each Friday. A CGP homework book will be sent out on a Friday. The pages to complete will be set by the teacher. You will work through two pages per week. Please return the books on a Wednesday so they can be checked. Pupils may require support with this homework, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Year 2 Celebrations

Zoo Lab

Space Centre Trip

Booster Club

World Book Day