Hanbury's Farm School

Growing and Succeeding Together

Year 2

Year 2 Autumn 1 2021-2022

This half term we learnt about plants.  We labelled parts of a plant and thought about the job each part does.  Also, we planted our own seeds and talked about the conditions they would need to grow.  After this, we looked at the structure of different trees and plants, including taking some bark rubbings from the trees outside.  We learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees and what happens to the trees in different seasons.  Following this, we looked at how plants change over time from a seed to an adult plant.  Finally in this unit, we learnt the names of some common wild and garden plants.

Year 2 Autumn 2 2021-2022

This half term we have learnt about everyday materials.  We started the unit by investigating if we could make materials waterproof.  We did this by adding wax to fabric and then heating the wax with a hairdryer to seal it.  It worked!  After this, we explored different papers and whether they were absorbent.  We then designed our own outside play houses, thinking carefully about suitable materials to use and why.  Another exciting investigation was changing the shapes of different materials.  We had to squash, bend, twist and stretch to see if we could alter the shape of each material.  Finally in this unit, we investigated which material made the bounciest ball.  It was the rubber tennis ball!

Year 2 Spring 1 2021-2022

This half term we have focused on animals including humans.  We began by looking at the lifecycle of a chicken and talked about the different stages.  Then, we investigated how humans change as they grow and explored if taller people had longer arms.  We also learnt about needs and wants.  What does an animal NEED to survive?  Are some things just things we want?  Next, we learnt about healthy eating and sorted foods into different categories.  We discussed the importance of a healthy diet and investigated the fat content in different packets of crisps.  Finally in this unit, we talked about different exercises we do as part of our daily routine and the effects exercise has on our bodies.

Year 2 Spring 2 2021-2022

This half term we have focused on Plants - Growth and Care.  To start with we reminded ourselves what plants need to thrive.  These things are water, light, space and nutrients, usually from the soil.

We then planted seeds in different conditions to investigate whether plants have to have all these things in order to grow best.  After this, we looked at seeds and bulbs.  We discussed the differences and then cut them open to investigate what they were like inside.

We then carried out an investigation to test the process of photosynthesis.  We cover some of a plants leaves to see what would happen to the colour of the leaves.  I wonder what happened?

Finally we thought about how a plant grows from a seed into a plant.  We designed and made our own dioramas to show the stages of growth.

Year 2 Summer 1 2021-2022

This half term our science unit will focus on Living things and their habitats.  We began the unit by looking at things that were living, things that were dead and things that have never been alive.  We thought about what processes all living things do and used what we knew to sort and classify.

We then looked at microhabitats and have great fun visiting forest school to create a bug hotel.  We can't wait to find out what creatures will come and live here.

Year 2 Summer 2 2021-2022

The environment