Hanbury's Farm School

Growing and Succeeding Together

Uniform Information

School Uniform Policy ( please see policy available on the policy page) 


Children are expected to wear school uniform to school. This comprises of:

- grey trousers or a grey skirt

- white collared polo t-shirt or shirt

- bottle green jumper or cardigan or fleeces (with or without school logo)

- black socks or tights

- black shoes 

- Summer school dresses/ grey shorts can be worn in the summer term.  (Optional)


For PE lessons, the children are required to wear a PE kit, comprising of:

- black shorts or joggers

- white or house coloured t-shirts (red, blue, yellow or green)

- plain back zipped hoody

- trainers.


For swimming lessons, the kit comprises of:

- swimming shorts or costume

- swimming hat

- goggles (optional)


All uniform can be purchased widely, including local supermarkets and any secondhand retailers where available. 

SK uniforms are our local supplier of school uniform. They provide all items that are required in school with our school logo on. From September 2021, our new federation logo will be printed onto our uniforms.