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Tractor’s Club Wrap Around

Wraparound Provision coming soon.....


From September 2021, we will  be offering Wraparound Provision on the school site.  We will have the capacity for children to be on site from 7.30 am until 5.30 pm, looked after by experienced, qualified staff.  This provision is in the early stages of planning but we are eager to let you know now that this provision is coming.  This will enable parents to plan what provision is needed for your family.   We are still at the planning stage for fees and the fine details, but will let you know in the course of the Summer Term what the costs will be.

Tractor Breakfast Club


Breakfast club is a fun and active group, which provides children with a healthy start to the day. There is a wide variety of healthy foods and fresh juice on offer, which the children choose on a daily basis.  This club is open to children from Reception to Year 6 and costs £4.00 per child, per day.  The doors open at 7.30am, with food being served until 8:30am.  Children are then escorted to class for 8:45am.

After the children have had their breakfast, there are a range of activities for the children to take part in from sport activities, games, role play and drawing.


Breakfast club MUST be pre-booked and paid for via Parent pay