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Religious Education

RE Intent at Hanbury's Farm and Oakhill School Federation

Intent Statement for RE

Hanbury’s Farm and Oakhill Federation is bullt on ethos of inclusion and equality. Pupils will leave the Federation with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in the key areas of Religious Education. The role of Religious Educaton is to help prepare and equip all pupils for life and citizenship in today’s diverse Britain.  The RE curriculum will develop pupils knowledge and understanding of beliefs, cultural practices and worldviews in the local, national and wider community.

Curriculum aims are;

  • To be aware of religious beliefs of Christians, Muslims, Jews and other World Views.
  • To be able to express sense of identity and values.
  • To develop social, spiritual and emotional skills appropriate to living in a religiously diverse society


  • From EY to KS2 the RE curriculum will align closely to National Curriculum for RE (SACRE). We use Jigsaw RE 
  • Pupils will be taught skills and knowledge appropriate for their age range, these graduate year on year and teaching and learning will reflect this.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to meet people from different religious and philosophical groups.
  • All pupils will visit places of a religious significance during their Primary education.
  • There will be opportunities for pupils to discuss, question and evaluate important issues in religion and philosophy.
  • There will be a programme of delivery across all year groups and key stages.
  • In each key stage, the programme of study will include the study of beliefs and practices at the heart of Christianity. There will also be teaching of Islam and Judaism (KS2).
  • Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of other World Views including Humanism.
  • Informal assessment will be used to assess children.

Subject Leader Biography

Hanburys Farm and Oakhill Primary Long Term Religious Education plan