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At Hanburys Farm and Oakhill Primary School Federation, we want all of our children to become confident and successful mathematicians who approach learning with a belief they can do it. Through using a mastery approach, we aim to deepen pupils’ conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts in order to improve fluency, an ability to mathematically reason and competency in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.

We intend for our pupils to be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects. We want them to know that mathematics is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment.

As our pupils progress in school, we intend to provide rich opportunities linked to real life in order to develop an appreciation of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

This is delivered using the ‘Power Maths’ scheme of work, which follows the mastery approach with growth mindset being an integral part! As stated in the Power Maths pedagogy statement, Power Maths is a scheme, “which is a clearly structured teaching and learning process that helps us make certain that every child masters each maths concept securely and deeply. For each year group, the curriculum is broken down into core concepts, taught in units. A unit divides into smaller learning steps – lessons. Step by step, strong foundations of cumulative knowledge and understanding are built.”

Here are some of the characters, which children meet throughout their learning.

Early Years Curriculum

Please see our Reception pages where you will be able to view Mathematics curriculum links on the Long Term Plans.

Pupil Voice


“If I don't know what to do, I will try again, be resilient, ask a friend or ask my teacher."

"I know I am doing well when I see lots of green marks."

"I was really proud of myself when I worked out a problem [balancing problem]. Miss told me that only 3 people got it correct and one was me!"


“The Flashbacks helps us recap things that we have already learnt. They also help our brains warm up for the lesson.”

“I like maths because it’s really fun when I learn something new.”

“I enjoy maths because, did you know maths is everywhere, so it’s very important?”

“I like learning new times tables (like the 9s) because times tables help me with lots of things.”


“I know I am doing well when I colour My Powerpoints [assessment] in all green."

"I am really proud of my work when I get to the challenge."

"The maths wall helps me because Miss puts examples on there, timestables, and star words [vocabulary] on there!"