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History, at Hanbury’s Farm and Oakhill Primary schools, forms an integral part of the wider, curriculum. It is our goal that children will have gained a coherent knowledge and understanding of significant periods of time, with an understanding of how they have shaped history in: our local area, Britain or the wider world. All pupils will participate in knowledge and skilled based history lessons; within these lessons children will have the opportunity to use/research a variety of sources and artefacts to enable them to gain an understanding of our past. We aim to encourage children by immersing them in history rich vocabulary and helping them become confident to participate in, and drive discussions about the time period they are studying - essentially, igniting their interest and improve their questioning skills regarding the subject.

The subject will be linked to the EY curriculum and principles, thereby building on good practice to support consistency and continuity throughout the following years in school.

The above statements will be met by implementation of the following programme:

Lessons will follow the expectations outlined in the national curriculum and will be inclusive to all pupils. Throughout the topics taught in each of the year groups, links will be made to other areas of the curriculum where possible, with an emphasis on reading and writing, where applicable.

Lessons are planned to develop and practice the skills required in history sequentially; these will be built upon year on year for a spiral curriculum. Each lesson will enable children to practice one of the skills required in history and will have a key knowledge question at its focus. Our intention is to enhance history teaching and learning across the federation through trips, experience/themed days and workshops in each year group; these are used to provide the pupils with a first-hand experience of the time period they are studying. These experiences, along with well-planned lessons are designed to enthuse and inspire children’s enquiry skills, encouraging a ‘thirst for knowledge’.