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Attendance in school is vital for pupils. Good attendance leads to good progress. Our whole school attendance expectation is 97% and all pupils are monitored closely to ensure their attendance does not fall too low. 

If a pupil's attendance is seen to be too low, especially below 95%, action will be taken from school. Any pupil's attendance that falls below this would be deemed unacceptable and school would intervene. Please be aware that holidays taken during term time (for any amount of time) will NOT be authorised and this will in turn affect your child's attendance levels.

We encourage parents/carers to book medical, dental or optician appointments out of school hours to avoid pupils losing valuable time from lessons. If appointments are necessary during school hours, proof of appointments MUST be provided to authorise the absence.

Doors open for pupils at 8:45am and close promptly at 8:55am where class registration is completed. If your child misses the doors they MUST enter via the school office so they can be accounted for. If a child arrives after 8:55am, this will be recorded as late. Children arriving after 9:20am will be marked as absent as this will be recorded as unauthorised. 

To access Hanbury's Farm Attendance Policy, please refer to 'Key Information' and 'School Policies'. Thank you.

For more information about attendance from the Government website, please follow this link - School attendance and absenceCode of Conduct 

To promote attendance in school, we have weekly assemblies to announce the attendance figures for each class. We congratulate the class with the highest attendance. They win a trophy for the week and are rewarded in school.

Pupils who achieve 100% attendance at the end of each term, are rewarded with an attendance star.  A bronze star for the first term, followed by a silver for the second consecutive term of 100% and a gold star for the third consecutive term of 100% along with a certificate.  Any pupils with 100% at the end of a whole academic year are acknowledged in assembly for their achievement with a certificate and their gold badge and are given a reward.

A class from KS1 and a class from KS2 with the winning attendance for the whole academic year are also rewarded.

Termly attendance newsletters are sent to parents with current attendance updates in school and facts and figures of the importance of pupil attendance.