The staff identified below are staff at Hanbury's Primary school, who are identified as designated safeguarding leads and have undertaken the required training for this role.

Designated safeguarding Lead: Mr P Hollis

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Mrs N Gripton, Mrs E Stinton, Mrs S Mauger

Below is an overview of whole school staffing roles and responsibilities.

Senior Staff
Executive Head
  • Mr Hollis
Head of Schools
  • Mrs Gripton
Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Stinton
Teaching Staff
  • Miss Greaves
Year 1
  • Mrs Mauger
Year 2
  • Mrs Royce and Mrs Betteridge
Year 3
  • Miss Pierpoint
Year 4
  • Miss Baird
Year 5
  • Miss Turner
Year 6
  • Miss Coates
Office Staff
School Secretary
  • Mrs Wright
  • Miss Wilson
Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistants
  • Mrs Taylor
  • Miss Stafford
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Gregg
  • Mrs Corcoran
  • Ms Wright
Infant & Junior Lunchtime Supervisors
Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Mrs Gregg
  • Mrs Corcoran
  • Miss Wright
  • Mrs Williams
  • Mrs Taylor
  • Ms Williamson
  • Ms Fox
Site Services
Site Supervisor
  • Mr Dawson
Site Janitor
  • Mr Hanratty

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