Breakfast Club

Early Birds Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is a fun and active group, which provides children with a healthy start to the day.  There is a wide variety of healthy foods and fresh juice on offer, which the children choose on a daily basis.  This club is open to children from Reception to Year 6 and costs £3.00 per child per day.  The doors open at 7.45am, with food being served until 8:30am.  Children are then escorted to class for 8:45am. After the children have had their breakfast, there are a range of activities for the children to take part in from sport activites, games, role play and drawing.

'I can eat a nice breakfast and play with your friends - which is good fun!' Year 2 pupil 

'Breakfast Club is really good and the staff there are really kind for looking after us, 
when our Mums and Dads go to work!' Year 5 pupil

' There are lots of fun activities that you can do - like colouring. I enjoy and love coming to this club!' Year 5 pupil

'I like the food and there's always lots 
of people to play with!' Year 6 pupil

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