Hanbury's Farm School

Growing and Succeeding Together

Living Things and their Habitats

To start this science unit, we explored how scientists use similarities and differences to compare and sort data. Children worked in pairs and organised the animals they had been given into a branching database. During the next lesson, we recalled the acronym MRS GREN to emphasise the seven life processes, exploring the five kingdoms of life - animals, plants, fungi, protists and prokaryotes. Focusing on fungi, we started our experiment to test 'Which conditions will the fungi grow the most?'. Our third lesson focused on the work of the scientist 'Carl Linnaeus' and his classification system, using the classification levels to organise a range of animals as well as create a fact file based on his life and work. Our next lesson, involved children completing characteristic charts for different classes of vertebrates. The fifth lesson in this unit, focused on different habitats and explored the animals that typically live in them. To complete this topic, we explored the similarities and differences between plants and fungi.