Sports Premium

At Hanbury's Farm Community Primary school, our physical education vision aims to encourage all pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and fulfilling in order to raise their attainment, extend their potential and develop a lifelong active lifestyle.

The action plan below identifies how the sport funding at Hanbury's Farm Community Primary school will be used to raise the profile and improve sport and PE provision.

In 2017 to 2018 we received a total of £16,000, approximate costing has been identified on the plan below.

Key Priorities

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Autumn term

  • Employed Lisa Baker – life coach – to improve the mental health of specific pupils.
  • Booked a baseline assessment for pupils in year 1 – 6.
  • Olympic athlete to present an assembly and complete circuits. Sponsored programme- SportsforSchools.
  • Continued employment of PE apprentice to deliver PE sessions.
  • Deliver in-house after school football club.



  • Meeting with J.Tipper to set up online access to tournaments.
  • Attend sports council meeting.
  • Service of sports equipment.
  • Purchase new equipment for delivery of lessons and clubs.


  • Improved mental health score on SDQ’s and Boxall.
  • Able to measure impact. Aim to improve fitness levels. Targeted KS2.
  • Inspire and motivate pupils.
  • Role model for pupils to engage and inspire.
  • Encourage pupils to participate in extracurricular sports activities and tournaments in the local area.
  • Able to access tournaments/ competitions against local schools.
  • Local network discussions
  • All equipment safe to use/repaired.
  • New football goals and equipment ordered for use.















£ 3370

Spring term

  • Employ Lisa Baker ‘Flourish’ for staff meeting – INSET day.


  • Employ Lisa Baker ‘Flourish’ for year 5 pupils.
  • Employ Premier Education to run extra-curricular sports clubs aimed at KS2 pupils.
  • Employ a sports coach through Premier Education to lead lunchtime sessions with a focus on competitive and KS2 fitness also offering a KS1 session.
  • Staff aware of personalities and managing – mental health.
  • Improved mental health and attitude.
  • Increase in pupils attending extra-curricular activities.
  • Pupils active at lunchtimes and providing a positive role model.









Summer term

  • Booked a baseline assessment for pupils in year 1 – 6.


  • Shared lesson observations
  • Training for NQT/HLTA’s – Premier Education
  • Tamworth football club to support football sessions/provide indoor football sessions.
  • Identify fitness levels and target areas for the new academic year.
  • Identify training required.
  • Improve quality of teaching.
  • Improve football sessions/motivation for pupils.



Running total for summer term:




Total spent to date:


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