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Autumn 2 - Electricity


  • To kickstart our learning on electricity, we firstly learnt all about what electricity is, where it comes from and how it's made. We then looked closely at what kind of appliances use electricity, both mains electricity and battery. 
  • This lesson we set up a simple circuit, learnt all about the names and uses of some components such as: battery (cell), wires, bulb, bulb holder, buzzer. We learnt all about how electricity moved through a circuit and the need for the circuit to be complete for a bulb to light. With this new knowledge, we went on to predict whether a bulb would light in a series of diagrams. With our results, we could then confidently say the difference between and complete and an incomplete circuit and suggest improvements for the diagrams that didn't work.
  • During lesson 3, we looked at what a switch is, what it does and where you might find different types of switches and their specific uses. We then knew that if the switch opened the circuit, electrons would not be able to pass around the circuit and the appliance wouldn't work. In groups, we created a 'buzzer game' with a switch to turn the game on and off. 
  •  At the end of the unit, we looked at the difference between an insulator and a conductor, naming materials that would fit into each category. We realised that metal was a good conductor and plastic and wood were good insulators. We learnt that conductors allow electricity to pass through, whereas insulators do not. We then set up a simple fair test experiment to test whether everyday items, such as a rubber and a paperclip were conductors or insulators. We predicted what we thought each item would be using the knowledge we'd learnt in the lesson.


Listen to our class conclusion about insulators and conductors here: 


Think Tank!


To compliment our learning in Science this half term, we went on a trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham. We all had so much fun! We got the chance to look around the museum and take part in a workshop all to do with Exciting Electricity!