Attendance in school is very important. The attendance expectation is 97% and all pupils are monitored closely to ensure their attendance is not dropping below this level.  

Action will be taken from school if this seems to be the case. Any pupil's attendance that falls below would be deemed unacceptable and school, along with our education welfare worker, would intervene. Please be aware that holidays taken during term time will NOT be authorised and this will in turn affect your child's attendance levels.

For more information please follow this link - School attendance and absence

To promote attendance in all classes we have our school mascot 'Dougie' the attendance dog who spends the week visiting the class with the highest attendance. Children, who achieve 100% attendance each term, are rewarded with an attendance star.  A bronze star for the first term, followed by a silver for the second consecutive term of 100% and a gold star for the third term.

One of our Year 5 pupils, Ellie wrote this poem for Dougie:


Dougie the attendance dog,

came to school today,

all the children grinned and shouted,

"Hip, Hip Hooray!"


He watched all the children,

and made sure they were here,

 the class that got to keep him,

was always filled with cheer.


But perhaps the strangest thing,

about this little dog,

is how he never talks or walks

he just whispers and nods!