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Design and Technology

Pupils will leave the Federation with a strong foundation in the key areas of Design and Technology.  They will have been given the opportunity to be creative, be risk-takers, experiment and be innovative.

By the end of each Key Stage, children will have experienced a repertoire of skills which can be applied to real life in a series of projects designed for children’s ages and life experiences in mind.

As our children leave us, they will have developed an enjoyment of Design and Technology and developed skills in:

  • cooking and nutrition
  • mechanisms and/or structures
  • textiles

Throughout their primary career children will have made progress in:

  • Designing
  • Making
  • Evaluating
  • Technical knowledge (and vocabulary)

 This progress in skills will provide children with a range of life skills, experience of using a range of materials as well as a good understanding of the design process.