Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum programmes of study.

The national curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils:

Our aims are:


Teachers use the National Curriculum to plan teaching sequences that build learning over time. The emphasis is to develop a sequence of teaching and learning that encompasses the cycle assess, plan, teach, practise, apply, reason and review throughout every mathematics focus. A strong emphasis on problem solving and reasoning is embedded within the curriculum.

Mathematics is taught through the following seven areas;

Real life maths – at Hanbury’s farm we aim to make maths as fun and memorable as possible to enable children to relate to maths in the real world. Throughout the year we plan real life maths weeks in order to do this. Here, the maths throughout the whole week will be based on a real life theme. Our most recent real life maths week was based around the winter Olympics;  the children completed a range of activities including: designing and making snowboards, testing the distance an ice cube will travel on different surfaces, making an ice rink, planning a trip to the Olympics, making healthy smoothies for the athletes and many more… Below are some pictures of our week: