Our Federation

Federation of Hanbury's Farm and Oakhill Primary Schools, Tamworth

Governing Board Vision Statement

The vision of the governing board is to enhance the education, life chances and wellbeing of every pupil who attends either of our schools. The governing board will continually aim to improve its practice and make the experience of school the very best it can be for all of our children. We envisage a federation, both schools of which, in three years' time, will be judged outstanding by Ofsted.

Any school's key resource is its teaching and non-teaching staff. Through effective senior leadership and continuous professional development, our vision is that all school staff will improve their practice year on year. Through continuous improvement in teaching, pupil attainment in the core functions of reading, writing and mathematics will increase and exceed the national expectations in all areas.

By promoting excellent teaching and exciting learning opportunities, the children will receive a balanced, cohesive and stimulating curriculum. This will help all pupils develop a broad range of skills, knowledge and personal talents and enable all pupils to leave the federation fully prepared to continue their academic journey and play a full role in society in the future.

The governors recognise that the professional relationship between themselves and the school leaders crucial to the future progress of the federation and its schools. Through training, visits to school and regular formal meetings each term, we will support the Headteacher and staff to drive progress within the federation and enhance the quality of these relationships to the mutual benefit of all. We will seek to ensure that all governors, especially new ones, are appropriately trained, guided and supported in their collective and individual roles to discharge fully their statutory responsibilities.

Governors and staff recognise the extremely important role our parents and carers play in the education of their children and the smooth running of the schools. Ways of communicating with parents and strengthening that partnership will also be actively considered during each school year. Governors will seek to create and strengthen links between the schools and the local communities that they serve for the mutual benefit of both.

This vision will be reviewed annually so that it continues to reflect the work of the governing body. We will work closely with the senior leadership team of our schools to change the vision into strategies for success.


Oakhill Primary School in Tamworth is our partner school in the federation. Please click on the link below to visit Oakhill's website.