Hanbury's Farm Primary School and Oakhill Primary School are a federation with a combined Governing body. We have 4 main committees: Business, Standards and Curriculum, head teachers performance management and a Pay Committee.

Below is a table that covers the current governors roles and responsibilities:

Chair of Governors - Mr S Cain
Vice Chair - Mr E Workman

Attendance at all meetings is also outlined in the document below (please note this is a working document).


If you are interested in becoming a Governor Mr Cain would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
His email address is:

Category Name Roles Committees
Vice-Chair Governor Mr E Workman
Chair of Governors Mr S Cain
Head teacher Mr P Hollis
(Staff Member)
Co-opted Mrs M Stafford
(Staff Member)
Mrs J Criddle
Mrs N Wood
Mrs N Gripton
(Staff Member)
Rev G Criddle
Parent Mrs J Priest
Mr B Strong
Associate Mrs N Price
(Staff Member)
Mrs I Love
(Staff Member)